The problem of the twenty-first century is the problem of noncitizen othering. Be it in America, where a demagogue has risen to the Presidency on an antiimmigrant platform, or in Europe, where farright political parties are gaining control over national politics.

Constitutive to what injustice means for noncitizens is that the political environments pushes them to the outer margins of society, and thus, of moral concern. Further, marginalization means that people so othered face a difficulty in not only making sense of their political situation, but articulating it as well. Consequently, even when marginalized people want to tell their stories, the prospect of physical and epistemic violence make that a dangerous proposition. 

All of this is a continuation of injustice that stretches back centuries, yet it bears qualities that are unique to our time. There is a crisis of knowledge that has corrupted political discourse; “fake news” and “post-truth” conflates much-needed stories from the noise. Further, the discrediting of once-trusted sources of information facilitate the rise of White Nationalist groups such as the neo-Nazis (the now self-labeled “Alt-Right”). Such a crisis of knowledge equivocates knowledge as protest with knowledge as violence. Thus, the illegalized other is further silenced.

It is time the illegalized other speaks back.

We propose Undocumental as a forum for illegalized people around the world to share their stories and question the very terms of their illegalization. It will be an intersectional and interdisciplinary forum, accepting the trailblazing ideas of all identities and all backgrounds in the intellectual resistance against illegalization.

We are currently seeking regular contributors, as well as guest writers for the site. Compensation is $25 for a short-form article (500-800 words), $50 for long-form (1500-2500 words), contingent upon the piece’s acceptance for publication.

If you or someone you know wants to join the Undocumental team, please email, or use our contact form.

 Image Credit: Shepard Fairey

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